Implementing Wriddle in your organization

Provisioning Accounts

Wriddle accounts give students access to the authoring tool, and connect student work to their teacher, or teachers. Common ways schools provision Wriddle are with a OneRoster csv upload, ClassLink, or by entering data manually.

OneRoster CSV Instructions

LTI Integrations

Wriddle supports LTI integrations with either LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3 compliant learning management systems such as Canvas, Schoology, or Brightspace.

Add a Wriddle button to your web site

Make it easier for your users to get to Wriddle by adding a Wriddle button to your web site.

These buttons link to the main Wriddle login page. To link to your custom login page, replace "" with your custom account domain, such as

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