We recommend using LTI 1.3 to create a connection to Wriddle if your LMS supports it.
LTI 1.3 instructions

Using Wriddle with an LTI 1.1 Service

Many LMS services use Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) as a way to link external tools to the LMS. This page provides instructions for using LTI to create a single sign-on (SSO) connection to Wixie from within several common LMS tools.

Use the links provided to get the most up-to-date instructions from the service. If your service is not listed try Googling "setting up an LTI tool in ... ".

Adding Wriddle to Canvas


Configure a Basic External Tool Provider

Administrator Instructions

Global LTI Configuration

Navigate to System Admin -> Building Blocks -> Basic LTI Tool Providers -> Register Provider Domain.

Placement Configuration - Make sure you've completed the global LTI configuration above.

Instructor Instructions

Navigate to Content Area -> Build Content.


Administrator Instructions

Navigate to Admin Tools -> External Learning Tools -> Manage External Learning Tool Links -> and click "New Link".

To ensure that all courses can access this configuration:

Instructor Instructions

From the main course page:

From inside a course module:


External Tool Settings

Administrator Instructions

Navigate to System Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> External Tools -or- LTI, and click "Add external tool configuration."

Instructor Instructions

Click "Add an Activity," and select "External Tool."


Adding an External Tool at the System Level

Adding External Tools to Courses

Administrator Instructions

Navigate to -> System Settings -> Integration -> External Tools -> "Add External Tool Providers".

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