Wriddle Classroom Account

Adding Wriddle to a Canvas Course as an External Tool

For users with a Wriddle Classroom Premium account, Wriddle can be added as an external tool in Canvas. This page has instructions for adding Wriddle in the course Settings we well as how to add Wriddle as an item in a course module.

Using LTI External Tools in Canvas

For setting up Wriddle in a school or district account, follow the instructions here.

In Wriddle

Log in to your Wriddle account.

Click the Account icon in the upper right corner and click Student Accounts.

Click the Log In button.

Click the LTI 1.1 check box.

Click the LTI 1.1 down arrow.

Make note of your Consumer Key,Shared Secret, Launch URL, and Domain.

In Canvas

Open your course and choose Settings.

Click Apps tab.

Click the View App Configuration button.

Click the + App button.

In the Name field type Wriddle.

Enter the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, Launch URL, and Domain from Wriddle.

For Privacy, select Public.

Click the Submit button.

Adding Wriddle to a Module

Open your course and choose Modules.

Click the plus button to add an item to the module.

From the Add pull down menu, select External Tool.

Click on the Wriddle option.

Click the Load in a new tab check box.

Click the Add Item button.

When students click the Wriddle item in the module it will open Wriddle in a new tab.

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